Consulting services are an important part of Mr. Wallis' practice and has encompassed a variety of interests, including:

Association Management

In November 2013 he was appointed Executive Director of the Intermediaries and Reinsurance Underwriters Association ("IRUA"), legally known as IRU, Inc., In this role he directs the affairs of this over 50 year old reinsurance industry association that has four key focus areas: - educational events; - a scholarship award program for interns at member companies; - an annual conference and meeting of members; and - the Journal of Reinsurance - a technical reinsurance related publication produced electronically several times each year. He had been appointed in September 2012 as Interim Executive Director at short notice . He will continue to handle all the financial affairs of the IRUA and works in conjunction with the Executive Administrators who are the two principals of The Beaumont Group, Inc., a professional association management and event management firm. Previously he served on the Board of Directors from 1997 to September 2012, including service on the Association Governance, Journal of Reinsurance and Awards committees. This ongoing role continues to be on a consultancy basis and he continues his active and expanding arbitration practice.

Expert Issues

Due to time constraints Mr. Wallis no longer offers Expert Witness services. For the record, past issues addressed have included application of treaty structures to underlying risks and claims; underwriting materiality; contract definitions and interpretation;and advice in connection with technical reinsurance questions including financial/regulatory matters, accounting, and custom and practice.

Practical Advice

He is always pleased to provide practical advice on all aspects of a reinsurance nature including assumed underwriting, ceded reinsurance program purchasing, regulatory, claims and dispute management.

Run-off Management

Following the sale of Chatham Re to Mapfre Re in 2000, he was retained as a consultant to manage the run-off of the former Chatham assumed and ceded reinsurance and insurance program business and worked closely with the U.S. staff to extinguish the remaining liabilities as expeditiously as possible. This included dispute resolution and litigation management activities. In addition he has provided general management and other advice and was tasked with heading two projects to obtain corporate licensing by OSFI and Provincial regulators in Canada. This work was substantially complete by the end of 2011 and he retired from that role although he remains available to assist when called upon.

Joint Venture Consultancy

He was a founding member and shareholder of Su Vino Holdings, Inc. in 2009. This provided a new facet to his consulting services and, as a full- service company, opened new doors in the potential acquisition and management arenas assisting entities with all manner of insurance and reinsurance problems. Due to changes in shareholder focus this was discontinued in 2017 but the contacts made remain valuable in other areas of dispute resolution and consulting interests.